Griggsy's Jefferson

The best government is the one that dispenses social liberalism as well as other protections.

Please read this important book. Why, you  might want to enlighten the rest of us about its theme of liberty and how you see it.

I find tha the social contract comports with moral realism and utilitarianism.

 What do you think about the social contract?

 The regulated free market is the known moral and practical ideal whilst the con-job-dervative market is the road to serfdom!

 Jefferson,albeit wrongly a supporter of Yeshua’s ethic, hated Christ-insanity!

 Do you share his justified attitude or do you find him and me wrong?

 We Jjeffersonians of the right and the left must oppose such as Barton!

 Viewers, be posters here,please!

Bait and switch also happens when they talk about getting people to switch from Medicare to private insurance: people end up paying more in premiums and such than in taxes!

Most Americans instead ought to be on Medicare-Meidcaid. We must let the Affordable Care Act furher rein in medical costs, what makes for the bad budget for the most part.

 What do you opine?

What do you think about contractarianism/